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How Savvy Job Seekers Get Noticed on Social Media

Ever since the beginning of social media, stories have circulated about how it has ruined careers and cost job opportunities. Yes, bad behavior on social media can keep you from getting a job – or cause you to be fired. But social media is also a great tool to advance your career, especially if you are on the hunt for a new position. The key is knowing how to stand out from the crowd on different media platforms.


By its very nature, LinkedIn is the popular choice for job seekers and recruiters looking to connect. That means it’s vital for you to have a LinkedIn profile, but it also means it may be harder to stand out here. Here are a few tips to make sure your LinkedIn account is top tier.

  • Be careful to “connect” only with people you know and who have a good reputation. (Note: “Connect” is the LinkedIn equivalent of making a Facebook “friend”)
  • Use public groups and forums to talk with people in your field. You may make good connections, and hear about jobs before they are even posted!
  • Always keep your profile current, and make sure the headline reflects the position you want (not necessarily the one you have).


This social media giant recently created a way for users to apply for jobs directly through a company’s Facebook page. As a result, more and more companies will be posting their job openings here and using your Facebook profile to help guide their hiring decisions. With that in mind, remember these rules for using Facebook:

  • Learn how to control filters, and hide anything too personal from potential employers.
  • Make sure your location, employment information and professional skills/interests are publicly viewable.
  • Watch your language in comments, and make sure to add filters on anything risque!
  • To really stand out, follow professional pages that are relevant to your field, and post thoughtful comments on informative content.


Don’t discount the effectiveness of Twitter in a job search – more than half of companies use Twitter for recruiting (Source: Your Twitter account should work together with LinkedIn and Facebook to make you stand out as a professional and an expert in your field. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Include links to your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts on your Twitter profile.
  • Tweet links to articles related to your field.
  • Follow and retweet companies in your industry, and engage in the conversation.

You should also have a consistent image across all social media platforms. This means using the same profile picture, the same employment information and skills list, and the same tone of voice. And most importantly, keep active while you are job searching; a “placeholder profile” is not going to stand out to recruiters! Contact us today for more information.

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