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Soft Skills You MUST Have!

Everyone knows hard skills, sometimes called technical skills, are a must-have when applying for a new job. If you don’t meet the technical skill requirement, you probably won’t even bother applying. But many job hunters don’t apply the same standard to soft skills.

Soft skills are described in a few different ways. Some say the term is interchangeable with “people skills.” Others call it “EQ” or Emotional Intelligence Quotient. Still others go broader, calling soft skills a range of personality traits that make for a good employee. However you define it, soft skills should not be ignored when looking at a job description. Many managers even place more importance on soft skills than hard skills when deciding who to hire!

The Most In-Demand Soft Skills in 2017

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, an astonishing 84 percent of HR professionals report soft skills shortages among applicants. The most skills most in demand are:

  1. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  2. Professionalism/Work Ethic
  3. Leadership
  4. Written Communication
  5. Teamwork/Collaboration

These skills are needed in all industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, and all positions, from clerical work to top management.

Identifying the Soft Skills in a Job Description

When you apply for a job, there will be specific soft skills the employer is looking for. They are usually listed directly, but sometimes you will need to read the description a little more carefully to understand what they are. Review the job duties and think about what qualities you need to be successful at those tasks.

Does the job require entering sales orders? Attention to detail will be an important soft skill.

Will you be working with a team to handle customer accounts? Collaboration and communication skills will help you be successful.

Does the job deal directly with customers? Professionalism and customer service skills are a must. If you are struggling to find a job, despite having excellent technical skills, take an honest look at your soft skills. You may find room for improvement. If you focus on developing your soft skills – and make sure to emphasize them in interviews – you will increase your chances of being hired.

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