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Your Top 5 Employment Agency Questions Answered

We get it. Staffing firms can seem too good to be true.

For job seekers, the thought of having an experienced recruiter find the perfect job for them—and do it for free—seems almost like cheating the system. And for companies needing quality candidates, the thought of hiring an agency to find qualified, vetted, and trained employees at a fraction of the time, energy, and cost is equally unnerving.

And then you meet the folks at Aventure, who just won Inavero’s coveted Best of Staffing® Client Award for superior client satisfaction, and it starts to make sense.

Chances are you found this blog because you need help with an employment search. Chances are equally good that you have the following five questions. And you’re in luck because we happen to have the answers for all of them.

So, really, what does it cost to work with an employment agency?

We know it’s hard to believe, but we offer our services free of charge for job seekers. The cost of finding you a position is covered by the company who ultimately hires you. Companies work with us to help alleviate the time and effort required to find, qualify, research, and train qualified candidates, and they know they can lean heavily on our experience in candidate recruitment to find mutually beneficial connections that work (pun intended).

Are all staffing agencies kind of the same?

Not even a little bit. There are some agencies who deal specifically with executive recruitment. Some are stand-alone headhunters. And some are high-volume organizations geared to maintaining a constant workflow.

And Aventure isn’t like any of them. Our ever-present goal is client satisfaction, and that includes candidates as well as the companies we serve. We learned early on as a firm that the more satisfied our candidates are in their employment, the longer they stay, the more productive they are as employees, the faster they move up the ranks, and the happier they are in their overall lives. The best way to ensure that positive cycle is to make sure we place the right candidates at the right companies. We are just as invested in your success as we are the overall fit.

Quite frankly, we know what works, and the bulk of our reward for a good fit isn’t in our placement fees. It’s knowing we’re making a positive impact on the lives of our candidates and in the local economy.

But you only help find candidates for entry-level jobs, right?

We’re so glad you asked! We actually recruit for a variety of positions, from temp-to-hire to entry-level to the direct hire of the entire executive suite (yes, even CEOs and CFOs). We have proprietary software that lets us find, recruit, and attract candidates from every background and experience level. We also have access to job opportunities that aren’t publicly published, so we can benefit both client and candidate, no matter what they are looking for.

How do you know you’ve found the perfect fit?

We have this Magic 8 Ball on our desk, and it’s amazing. Just kidding.

The truth is this: We owe a lot of our success to the fact that we get to know our corporate clients really well. We know their management styles, their company culture, their working environments, and their overall corporate goals and strategies. We approach our job seekers the same way. We handle initial interviews, ask candid questions, and get to the root of what motivates, drives, distracts, and annoys them. We’re basically a matchmaking service for companies and candidates; the more honest data we have to work with, the stronger the fit can be when things start to line up.

And we’ve been in the business long enough to know what that fit looks, sounds, and feels like.

So… how do I get started?

That’s an easy one. Head here.

Have more questions? We’re always happy to answer them. Call our offices or shoot us an email here.

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