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Returning to Work? Here are 5 Tips from Aventure Staffing’s Spencer Branch

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent returning to the workforce, an entry-level student looking for your first full-time job, or an employee looking for a career change, the talented team at Aventure Staffing’s Spencer branch has some advice for you.

Use your resources.

Finding a job has never been easier, but finding the right one is harder than ever. That’s why staffing firms like Aventure are so important to candidates who are returning to work. “Not only will we research potential positions for candidates, but we also help them feel more at ease with the interview process,” said Marybeth Quattlebaum, Employment Specialist. “Plus, we’re friendly and approachable, and our organized methods are an excellent way to direct the stress of a job search.”

Be honest about what you need.

Juggling family and work life can be difficult, especially when returning to the workforce after an extended absence. “We want our candidates to start back in a positive, welcoming way while giving them the strongest chance of success,” said Jennifer Engel, Branch Manager. “If our candidate has expressed concerns they may need to take time off to care for a family member, we will provide the candidate with as much information as possible, including the culture of the client and their attendance policy, and we will make the fit accordingly.”

Tony Ranslow, Business Development Representative, added, “Think about your reasons for needing a job or looking for a job. Do you need extra money? Do you need a better salary? What are you passionate about doing? Are you looking for benefits?”

Be honest about what you want.

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When it comes to your interview, it’s impossible to predict what questions will come up. How well you answer will depend on how well you know yourself and what you can offer. “It’s important to remember this trick about interviews,” added Jennifer. “Knowing who you are as a person and knowing how your attributes and abilities will be an asset to the position will shine over the questions you may stumble over.”

At each stage of the job hunt—from writing your resume to enlisting the help of Aventure, to prepping for interviews and offers—it’s important to keep what you want in the front of your mind. This will keep you focused, motivated, and ultimately happier when the right position becomes available.

Talk about the elephant in the room.

Huge gaps in your employment history can be red flags. They can also be an excellent opportunity to showcase the life skills you honed while you were out of the workforce.

“Attitude is everything,” said Jennifer. “Be positive and turn your time at home into a position which required you to budget, meet deadlines, and adhere to schedules. Emphasize your versatility and your ability to perform under pressure when life throws you unexpected curve balls.”

“Many clients are more than willing to train,” chimed in Marybeth. “Candidates who have a willingness to learn, show up enthusiastically for work, and show efficiency and accuracy in their positions will go have a lot to gain in the current job market.”

See your career for the adventure it is.

Brunette Wearing Sunglasses

“There are plenty of job possibilities out there if you are willing to look and try something new,” said Tony. He adds that companies appreciate those candidates returning to the workforce because they are usually motivated to prove themselves and make a good showing.

“Stay positive in your efforts of entering the workforce again,” adds Jennifer. “For some, it will be tough, but if you learn from your interviews and keep your head up, you will eventually find a good fit. The trick is to know yourself well and honestly, and apply for positions which are relevant to you and capture your interest.”

And sometimes the best way to find your fit is to try it. “Aventure offers many entry-level positions in different industries,” said Marybeth. “It’s a great way to make money while finding your perfect match.”

The most important thing to remember is that you aren’t alone in your job hunt. Returning to the workforce is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself and your family, especially when you find the perfect position that interests and rewards you. And Aventure can help with that.

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