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How to Make Your Hometown Work For Your Career in 5 Steps

With over 30 years of combined experience, the Sheldon office knows more than most what happens when you can combine a great candidate with a great company in a great town. We sat down with Gail Anderson, Branch Operations Manager for our Sheldon, Spencer, and Humboldt offices, to talk about what local candidates can do for their careers right from their hometowns.

Step 1: Pay attention to what’s possible.

One of Gail’s favorite parts of her job is coaching candidates into the careers that fit them best. Since several entry-level candidates walk through her doors unaware of what they could do or where they could be working, she makes a point to help them discover their strengths, passions, and natural talents. “I start these conversations the same way,” she said. “I always ask my candidates, ‘What makes you tick? What makes you happy? What are you good at? What comes naturally?’”

More often than not, candidates have never considered these questions. However, the time Gail and her staff invest in candidates at this stage is never wasted; once they can tease out what a candidate is passionate about, then they can start to align those interests with potential companies and available positions.

Step 2: Use your local resources.

“One thing candidates are always surprised to find out is that we don’t charge job seekers for our services,” Gail said. “They find it hard to believe that we not only help them pursue their interests, plan their careers, coach their interviews, and find them open positions with good-fit companies, we also do it for free.”

Many people also aren’t aware that every Aventure Staffing office does more than just temporary, part-time, and temp-to-hire positions. They are also an excellent source for direct-hire and executive-level opportunities. “It’s actually our best and worst-kept secret,” she adds. “We have the inside scoop on every level of employment with some of our area’s best employers. Because of our direct relationship with our clients, we often know of an opening before most job boards and websites.”

Step 3: Think about what you want. And what you don’t.

“While a fair amount of candidates from all over the country apply on our website, they often find that moving out here is not quite what they expected,” Gail says. “While working in a small town in the Midwest offers many rewarding benefits, it isn’t for everyone.”

She cites the challenges of a slower pace, finding suitable affordable housing, and the stress of having to learn a whole new terrain while learning a new job as the reason why long-distance candidates end up not taking positions or remaining in them for very long.

Step 4: Cash in on the invested return.

That being said, for those candidates who enjoy short commutes, a lower cost of living, and light traffic conditions, working in a small town like Sheldon offers benefits that keep adding up. “Many of our candidates move to the bigger cities only to move back when it comes to raising their families,” states Gail. “The people who live or move back here know our area schools offer a great education, while providing plenty of extracurricular activities for their kids. They also have more family time and free time available because they aren’t spending so much time and energy on their commutes.”

Sheldon is particularly equipped for transplant candidates. “We have a lot to offer for our size,” she goes on. “What we don’t have in town, we’re in close range for great retail, leisure, and entertainment opportunities.”

Step 5: See the green, green grass.

One of the biggest myths most candidates must overcome is that bigger money and bigger opportunities lie in bigger cities and towns. To this, Gail says, “The truth is that there is a wealth of opportunity in Sheldon and other small towns for candidates who have a great work ethic, are open and excited about learning new things, and who are willing to do what it takes to move up.”

That being said, just because you start working for a company in your hometown doesn’t mean you’ll stay there. Some clients of Aventure Staffing feature additional locations around the country and the world. Just like your career, where you start and where you go is completely up to you.

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