The Best Ways To Bring On Summer According to Aventure Staffing

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With summer so close we all can blissfully taste it, the staff at Aventure Staffing got together to share some of their favorite parts of the warm season.

How many of these will be on your list this summer?

Explore the outdoors

Gail Anderson, Branch Operations Manager, says, “I love gardening, boating, camping, riding the motorcycle on trips and swimming with family at the pool. Anytime I can enjoy outdoor activities I am content, even if it is only drinking a cup of coffee on the back patio!”


Stay cool at the pool

“My girls and I love to swim, so we spend countless hours at the pool with friends,” says Christine Salem, Branch Manager. “We also love to take late night walks and bike rides at dusk. We collect treasures when it’s light and catch lightning bugs when the sun goes down. And we never forget about campfires and s’mores!”


Make everything better at the lake

“I love family weekend trips to the lake,” adds Jennifer Grant, Sales and Training Manager. “Summer is filled with easy fresh dinners on the grill, drinking lots of root beer floats, and seeing my kids’ brown faces and rosy cheeks.”


Chill out and grill out

Shiri Rideaux, Aventure Staffing Accounting and Payroll Specialist, loves the warm weather of the summer months. “There’s nothing like being outside riding my bicycle, grilling out, and hanging with family and friends.”


Top it with ice cream

“My favorite thing about summer is walking the nature trail to Paullina Lake with my kids and then jumping in,” says Amber Schurke, Employment Specialist. “After our swim, we have a tradition of going to the concession stand for ice cream blizzards. We also enjoy going to the Figure 8 races every other Saturday night!”


Take a stay-cation

“We like the stay-cations!” Roxane Minner, Branch Manager, cheers. “We entertain on our deck and patio by barbecuing, swimming, and sitting around the fire pit. When we aren’t watching our grandsons play baseball, we get our exercise golfing, joining in a friendly—but competitive—family baseball game, fishing, and playing games in the pool. In fact, playing in our pool at night is one of my favorite things. We have noodles that light up, and we fill the balloons that light up with water. It’s our little outback oasis.”


Try something new

McKell Clyde likes to try new things and go on new adventures each summer. “I do love to be outdoors,” she adds. “Camping, hammocking, swimming, and hiking while simultaneously trying to get a tan is what summer is all about. I love summer nights spent outside stargazing or hanging around a campfire with friends.”


Make a splash

“Summer means water and sun!” says Angela Kamstra, Employment Specialist/Recruiter, with a smile. “Whether it’s camping, boating, or spending time at the pool, our family is about enjoying the summer weather and soaking up the sun and water activities. We find it’s great down time to spend with family and friends and refueling with some good BBQ!”


Tackle a relaxing To-Do list

Janet Roepke, Aventure Staffing Recruiter, finds it easy to list her favorite things. “I love the relaxed feeling of summer. The warmth of the sun while kicking back with family and friends, cooking out, taking vacations and road trips, enjoying longer days, spending time outside, planting flowers, eating fresh fruit and vegetables, exploring, wearing flip flops, having fun in the sun, watching parades, sipping frozen drinks, eating ice cream, walking through county fairs, and tackling new adventures!”


Enjoy time together

“I really enjoy having my kids home from college during the summer,” adds Deb Miller, Safety and HR Assistant . “Going to the lake with everyone and walking to Dairy Queen for ice cream is a great way to top off family time.”

If you need a vacation from the stresses of an ill-fitting job or maxed-out workload, Aventure Staffing is here to help. We have the experience and the skill set to help companies and candidates can maximize summer down time, whether it’s finding the perfect employment match or helping with time-consuming human resource tasks and paperwork. We’re here when you need us. All you need to do is call!

Wishing you a fun and safe summer full of adventures, family, and good food.

Your Aventure Staffing team

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