The Almost Foolproof Way To Finding (and Filling) Office or Professional Positions

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Oil may fix a squeaky wheel, but nothing keeps a company running smoothly like a finely tuned team of employees. Aventure Staffing knows this better than most, having matched open professional positions with qualified candidates in administration, engineering, management, and human resources (and so many more) for over 30 years. Whether you are looking for an office or professional job or a candidate to fill one, the process is essentially the same: be honest about what you are looking for, what you can offer, and where to go for help.

Know what you want.

For candidates and companies, this advice is deceivingly simple, but finding a perfect fit has less to do about an open position and a willing candidate and more to do with an alignment of interests, personalities, productivity levels, and potential.

For candidates, this means considering big picture objectives that go beyond the need for a paycheck and stable employment. “The best way to facilitate a direct-hire job hunt is to be honest about your qualifications and background,” said Janet Roepke, Recruiter for Aventure Staffing. “Know what your needs and expectations are and be prepared to follow through.”

This honest approach is equally important for companies with roles to fill, as the best way to attract—and, more importantly, keep—top talent is to be straightforward with the job’s responsibilities, expectations, and potential. Some companies prefer to work with entry-level candidates they can train themselves; others prefer candidates with experience who can hit the ground running.

“Timely communication is key,” adds Christine Salem, Office Professional Branch Manager in Sioux City. “The more details about the position you can give, the more effectively we can find the right candidate for your needs.”

Know what you can offer.

If you’re just starting out, it can be disappointing when so many positions require experience. Don’t lose hope. “The vast majority of the companies we work with are looking for individuals with prior experience in an office setting,” adds Jordan Dicks, Employment Specialist in the Sioux City Office Professional division. “However, professionalism, good attendance and attitude, solid computer skills, and the ability to catch on quickly are equally important.”

For those just starting out, staffing firms like Aventure Staffing give candidates several ways to garner experience, including temporary and part-time positions. In this situation, a positive attitude and an adaptable spirit can be more influential on your career than your tenure or education.

For companies seeking a good fit, it’s a good idea to play to strengths. Can you offer flexible scheduling, benefits, a fun working environment, and room to grow? Are you willing to train the right candidate? What makes your company stand out to top talent?

Know your resources.

Finding the right match between employer and employee benefits everybody, and no one knows that better than staffing firms like Aventure Staffing. “It’s the most rewarding part of my job,” said Sue Ann Stoermer, Aventure Staffing recruiter. “There’s nothing like finding the next career step for the candidate and finding a qualified candidate for a client’s next open position.”

“The candidate placement process is a partnership,” stated Roepke. “We are capable of finding what you need as long as we have all the details. Honesty, trust, and openness are paramount.”

“It also takes being courageous,” added Roepke. “Particularly for young professionals and those re-entering the workforce.”

Finding the right job or candidate isn’t nearly as difficult when you have a staffing partner who knows what you are looking for, who asks the right questions, and who takes your company’s success personally.

“It’s more than the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference in people’s lives, which is already such a huge part of the job,” said Salem. “Aligning a long-term fit enhances our ability and reputation, and creating enduring relationships with our clients and our candidates is what drives our business and makes us excited to come to work each day.”

Having a team of professionals in the office is like hot coffee; when you don’t have it, everything suffers. And when you have a team that is always at the ready, there’s nothing your company can’t do.

Are you ready to find the perfect fit?

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