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What College Football and Recruiting Have in Common

college football and career recruitment

It’s November, and that only means one thing in this neck of the woods: college football. Watching the games week in and week out has shown us the strong parallels between football and recruiting for local companies, from the stories of how players came to campus to seeing defensive and offensive lines gel together on the turf.

And the common threads don’t stop there because recruiting is so much more than plugging holes in a roster. It’s about building a winning team.

We are talent scouts.

With training, traveling, and playing, college football teams have enough to do. Looking ahead is important, especially given the inevitable turnover, and that’s why so many teams use talent scouts to observe, test, and recruit new players.

Aventure is a company’s talent scout. We not only evaluate candidates on their experience, education, and aptitude, but also their overall chemistry. We are confident in our placements because we’ve taken the time to understand what each team—and each player—needs. This way, companies come away with a more complete roster, and candidates can play from their strongest position.

We are agents.

We are more than just talent scouts, however, because we recruit for more than one team. This means we can find and attract exceptional candidates no matter what field they play on. We can access and evaluate diverse skill sets, and come up with a number of “teams” they would be most successful on. The goal is always to find a situation that would be most beneficial to both.

Not only can we help candidates find positions on a team, but we also can help them negotiate benefits, salary, and working arrangements so that everyone wins.

We are trainers.

When you are looking for employment, it is often difficult to see the big picture. You come in looking for a job, but what you may really be looking for is a career. Many of our most successful candidates have been employed in a number of placements, both temporary and permanent, developing their skillsets along the way with on-the-job experience and training.

We helped them align their interests and goals with each position, helping them see that it doesn’t work just to train for one game; you have to play your progress through the entire season.

We believe in success.

We see it all the time in college football; how one amazing play becomes the launch pad for more big plays. The experts call it “psychological momentum”, the feeling that you or your team is unstoppable, and it’s just as prevalent in the Big 10 as it is in a manufacturing warehouse. It is also why we take the time to make sure our candidates are in the right positions at the right companies. Candidates who feel like they are succeeding will keep doing so, and that momentum has a chance to shift the entire energy of an office.

It goes to show the power that comes from finding parallels among things you enjoy. Our most successful unions between companies and candidates are the ones that capitalize on natural talent, good chemistry, and the love of a good day’s work.

And the same goes for us at Aventure. We’re sure we could find parallels with recruiting and any number of other things we love to do, simply because of how much we enjoy doing them. Watching football is just on the top of the list today.

Go Hawks. (And Huskers. And Cyclones. And Panthers. And…)



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