Spencer turns 20!

As Aventure’s Spencer branch celebrates 20 years in its wide and vibrant community, we sat down and interviewed each member of its staff to get to the bottom of what makes them successful as a team and as a staffing firm.

Our 1995 Mixtape

Tony Ranslow

tonyFrom interviews to contact with clients, Tony Ranslow handles the entire application process for the Spencer office. Start to finish, Tony has shown time and time again that matching people with the right jobs, and vice versa, is so much more than paperwork and skills assessment. “Tony really cares about our clients, and makes them feel like they are ‘somebody,’” said his co-worker, Jennifer Knudtson. “Always patient with others, “ said office mate Jennifer Engel. “Tony is a very caring person, passionate, and always there when needed.”

In his spare time, Tony enjoys supporting the arts, capturing the sights around Iowa and beyond, and watching sports.

Mixtape dedications for Tony:

Jennifer Engel: “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders

Jennifer Knudtson: “Hold My Hand” by Hootie and the Blowfish


Jennifer Engel

Jennifer2Relationships mean a lot to Jennifer Engel, and it’s not just because it’s her job to maintain a positive rapport with and between clients and candidates. “I enjoy the day-to-day interactions with my co-workers, clients, and employees,” said Jennifer. “Every day is new and different, and there’s never a dull moment to be had!” Staying on top of those relationships and the never-dull moments takes a lot of organization and thorough correspondence, both things at which Tony feels Jennifer is exceptional. “Jennifer is great with our clients. She is friendly and caring and our clients feel heard and understood,” added co-worker Jennifer Knudtson.

Jennifer continues to build and foster relationships outside of work by hosting Hawkeye tailgating parties with friends. “Good company, conversation, great food and drinks! The highlight is that it brings all of our kids together to play, and it’s so much fun to see their relationships build as well,” she adds.

Mixtape dedications for Jennifer:

Tony Ranslow: “I Believe” by Blessed Union of Souls

Jennifer Knudtson: “Hold My Hand” by Hootie and the Blowfish


Jennifer Knudtson

JenThe outgoing “presenter” of the group, Jennifer Knudtson’s responsibilities include pitching and selling services to area businesses and maintaining close relationships with current clients. “I picked Cotton Eye Joe as Jennifer’s song because it’s an upbeat, fun song, and I can see her being the first one clapping to the beat and encouraging others to join her and have a good time,” said Jennifer Engel. “It relates to the relationships she has and the connections she has established in the Spencer area.” Tony adds, “Jennifer is committed to bringing in clients and is always willing to help.”

When she’s not in the Aventure office, Jennifer loves gardening, golfing, spending time with family, and catching an NFL football game.

Mixtape dedications for Jennifer:

Tony Ranslow: “Run Around” by Blues Traveler

Jennifer Engel: “Cotton Eye Joe” by Rednex

It could be said that a team that compliments each other complements each other, as the staff in Spencer have proven over the course of many years together. Congratulations to them and the surrounding businesses for committing to local companies, local talent, and local relationships.

Now that you know what songs describe the amazing trio in Spencer, it’s time to find out what song from 1995 best describes you. Take the quiz below to find out!

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