How to Build a Powerful Resume as a Stay at Home Mom


As we celebrate Mother’s Day this month, we wanted to write a post for those moms who have “taken a break” from work to focus on their families. When and if the time comes for the stay at home mom to return to the work force, it can often be intimidating; a big gap in employment dates, an outdated resume, absence from new technologies—you name it, the workforce is an overwhelming place for someone who has removed herself from it for a number of years.

We’re here to tell you that your years as a stay at home mom have provided you with many more skills than you give yourself credit for. And the skills we list below are not only valuable in any industry; they also make you more marketable than ever.

Customer Service Experience.

For every moment you were on the other side of the phone, counter, or website, you’ve learned what it means to provide excellent customer service. Every errand you ran, every order that was botched, and every fundraising adventure you participated in has given you the skills to know how to respect and treat customers in a business.

Team Player.

This term gets thrown around a lot in business, and moms may be the few people (other than the managers, who collect team players like coveted trophies) who actually understand the term. Moms understand the global process to solving problems and can be creative in their solution forming, brainstorming, and recognition giving.

Efficiently Productive.

Half-time moms can mean full-time productivity. Any mom worth her salt is orchestrating a household of calendars, all while making sure everybody is clean, fed, well-rested, and caught up on homework. She does this while doing laundry, running errands, volunteering at the local school, and making sure all the bills are paid. Moms don’t just multi-task; they invented the term. And they keep finding ways to do it better.

Negotiating experience.

All your years coaxing and creatively enticing your kids to eat their vegetables isn’t lost on corporate America. After all, negotiation is an exercise in patience and big picture results, and there is no one better on the planet to do this than a parent who has survived the Terrible Twos. You also know just what to do to diffuse a tense situation, make people feel important, and produce a well-timed reward. 


Okay, maybe not the proper title. The truth is moms and dads alike know what it means to do things for the greater good. They’ve given up sleep, hot food, hot coffee, sleep, friends, sleep, and date nights so that their kids are cared for, supported, and loved. Making the sacrifices needed for a job pale in comparison, and they’d still devote the effort it takes to make sure things get done.

Whether you are contemplating heading back to work or plan on staying at home doing that full-time job, we at Aventure solute your hard work! Happy Mother’s Day!

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