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5 Apps for College and Beyond

5 Apps for College and Beyond

Looking for an app so awesome it pulls you out of the bed in the morning? We found five of them, and one that takes that challenge literally. Here are five life-affirming apps that will power your education, career, and personal life from college and beyond.

Alarmy: Sleep If U Can
Voted “World’s Most Annoying Alarm App,” Alarmy will make sure you never oversleep again. Loud and obnoxious, Alarmy requires the user to take a picture in order to shut off the alarm. Think that sounds easy? It’s not. You may wake up frustrated, but you will at least be awake. And on time for class. It just may be the best $2 you ever spend.

The king of the note-taking hill, Evernote can pick up almost anything you need to take down: notes, audio, files, links, and photos. It’s the workspace that will follow you from college to your professional and personal life without skipping a beat. And it’s free (unless you are a high-roller and want premium functions—then it’s $5).

This is one of those “where have you been all my life” kind of apps, which lets you keep in contact with your files from anywhere in the world and from any device that has the app. Store, share, access, and breathe deeply. You’ll never lose a file again. Dropbox is free, and charges will only apply if you need more storage.

Pocket Resume
Networking dives right into the 21st century with Pocket Resume, an app that allows you to create a resume right from your mobile device. Keeping your resume updated on the fly is easier than ever, and you can now be ready for opportunities as soon as they knock. Pocket Resume takes care of the layout, and you’ll have the opportunity to store it on Dropbox for easy access later. Current price is $3.

“Opportunity is always within reach,” says LinkedIn of its app. And it’s true. No other app provides so many ways to connect with people, jobs, industry news, recruiters, and growth opportunities. Keep your resume and skills up to date, keep honing your profile, and never stop moving forward. Get a basic account for free.

All apps are available on most platforms.

Do you have an app that’s made an influence on your life or career? Share it with us!

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