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Aventure Taps into Siouxland Potential One Candidate at a Time

Aventure Taps into Siouxland Potential One Candidate at a Time

If you’re in the job market, it can feel pretty overwhelming. A typo on a resume, a slip in an interview, a mistake on an application—these honest, human mistakes can make even the most qualified candidate miss out on an amazing career or job opportunity. It becomes intimidating especially if you’ve never interviewed before or if your work history is less-than-stellar or you are looking to switch industries. How can you get the fresh start you deserve and the job you need?

The answer is more obvious than you think–well, obvious to the folks at Aventure– because making sure you are a quality candidate for their many clients is a big part of their job. In a recent interview with Christine Salem, Aventure’s Office/Professional Branch Manager in Sioux City, we found out one of Aventure’s amazing services: discovering candidate potential.

“Candidates are coming to us first, which is a good thing,” said Salem. “We’re not the last resort anymore. They’ve realized we work with almost all of the clients in this area, and we have opportunities that maybe aren’t posted. [They know] they can come to us and we can talk about two or three jobs in one interview.”

But before a candidate can be aligned with one or more positions, he or she will be engaged in a healthy—and sometimes uncomfortable—conversation filled with questions about work history, motivations, character, preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. Truth be told, the goal of this interview isn’t to grill; it’s how Aventure goes beyond the resume to create a clear idea of where and if a candidate would be a good, lasting fit with the available positions. To do that, Aventure representatives, like Christine Salem, ask a lot of questions and help candidates present the best version of their employable self.

Her advice to job seekers? “Keep it real,” she says. While it’s important to be transparent and honest about your capabilities and your work history, don’t let negative experiences drive the conversation. Instead, take an authentic approach to roadblocks and mistakes, talk about what you learned, how you’ve grown, and how that makes you an even better employee. Being genuine and true to your goals and skills can make the difference between a lost opportunity and a rewarding career.

For some candidates, Aventure provides guidance and coaching when it comes to resume prep and interviews, giving “green” candidates the confidence to make a good first impression. Managers like Christine make it their job to find good and hidden talent, which is why the first conversation can be both intense and amazing. Candidates can discover that what drives them in their personal life can also provide the same effect in their professional one.

Aventure is here to make sure Siouxland businesses make the most of Siouxland candidate potential, and to make sure potential candidates make the most of Siouxland’s jobs. Want to see what Aventure can do for you? Call us today.

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