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How to Make Career Fairs Work For You

How to Make Career Fairs Work For You

Spring means new flowers, fresh leaves, and a new lease on life. And with a fresh crop of career fairs on the calendar, it can also mean a new job and a new career. Aventure is here to help you make the most of them and find a job where you can put down roots and blossom.

Research Employers

Career fairs can be amazing ways to interact with companies on a personal level. They can also overwhelming. To make the most of the event, select no more than eight employers and research their services, history, and mission based on the positions they have available and how it applies to your chosen field and interests.

Career Fair Tip: Don’t pigeonhole yourself to the obvious matches; you may find a creative marketing position in an accounting firm and vice versa. Opportunity can be found in unlikely places if you open the right door (or click the right link).

Get Crafty with Your Pitch

Pitch, schpeel, cover letter, opening line—whatever you call it, you need one. To start the conversation with a potential employer on the right foot, practice your sticking points. Here are some things to consider:

  • How you introduce yourself (deep breath, it’s just your name and a handshake)
  • Why you are interested in/impressed by the company
  • Why you are interested in a certain position
  • How you and your skills will into their mission (be prepared to give relatable examples)
  • Ask thoughtful questions.

Career Fair Tip: Your answers to their questions are just as important as the questions you pose to them. Your job during a career fair is to not only find out how you fit in with a company, but how the positions and the company fit in with your personal and career goals. Remember, their goal is to hire and keep; your goal is to get hired and stay. It only works if it fits.


Perfect That Resume

Make sure to bring at least 10 (but probably 15) copies of your resume to the career fair. If you know which jobs you applying for and where, tailor those resumes specifically.

Before you print copies on that lovely linen-blend paper, however, make sure another set of eyes has read what you have written. Resumes are difficult to read objectively when they are your own.

Career Fair Tip: The easiest—and best—way to have your resume critiqued is by making an appointment with your Career Center.

Dress the Part.

It’s time to suit up. Literally. Even if you know your potential company is corporate casual, it’s time for you to shine. Men, you’ll want to make sure you are pressed and tied appropriately. Women, you’ll want to keep those toes covered and your skirts conservative.

That being said, don’t be afraid to let a little personality show. Scarves, jewelry, and ties can be nice conversation points; just don’t let them do the talking for you. This is where the first impression game is started, won, and lost. Think tasteful and simple.

Career Fair Tip: Keep your accessories to a minimum, and this includes traveling light. You should be able to shake hands without juggling.


What career fairs will you be attending this spring?


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