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How Not To Get a Job, According to Steve Sothan, Branch Manager

How Not To Get a Job, According to Steve Sothan, Branch Manager

We recently had a chance to throw some questions at Steve Sothan, an Aventure Branch Manager who oversees the Norfolk and Wayne locations, to get his take on the Northeast Nebraska job market, the interview process, how to get a job, and how to achieve a work-life balance. Here are his answers on what not to do.

Be too cool for an interview.
You’ve written a killer resume, and scored an interview—congrats! Don’t blow it by wearing sunglasses during the Q&A or by answering a text. We wouldn’t write it if it didn’t happen, and once is just too many times.

Use the Internet for a job search.
Don’t get us wrong, the Internet is a helpful job-hunting tool, but it’s not your only one. The biggest mistake job hunters make is not using their “human” resources, their friends, social network, local chamber, and friendly staffing firm (ahem). Your perfect fit may be closer than you think.

If at first you don’t succeed, give up.
You have the opportunity to learn from every application and interview, even if you don’t land the job. Northeast Nebraska has a very unique problem in that we have tons of jobs, and not always enough or the right applicants for the open positions. That being said, with the training opportunities and shifts available, finding work is not only possible, it could be the career you’ve been waiting for.

Try to force a fit.
We can’t stress this enough. If you want long-term success in any job or career, make sure it aligns with who you are as a person and what makes you happy. The fit may not always be perfect, but when you find something you like and commit to it, it can be very rewarding. One of the most important aspects of our job at Aventure is to find the right fit for both employers and employees. We are all about the win-win scenario.

Stop having fun.
If work isn’t an expression of who you are, balance it with downtime that is. Take Steve, for instance, who restores vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles, goes mudding in his Jeep, and powers his playlist with the likes of ZZ Top, Seasick Steve, and Volbeat.

Whether you are ready to start a new career, a new job, or a new location, Aventure is here to help you—and our area businesses–succeed.

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