7 Tips for Success from an Aventure Operations Manager

7 Tips for Success from an Aventure Operations Manager

Gail Anderson came to Aventure after spending five years working as an HR Generalist while getting her degree. Over nine years later, Gail now manages four Aventure locations, and recently found time in her busy schedule to sit down to share some of what she’s learned so far in her career, including her secrets to success.

  1. Embrace problems. Gail’s favorite part of the job is problem solving, whether it be one-on-one, client-to-employee, or employee-to-employee. When 2014 found the area with more jobs than applicants, Gail and her staffs at Aventure were determined to keep placing the right people in the right positions.
  2. Build a good team. Speaking of the right people, Gail has nothing but good things to say for when a team gels together. “For me, the easiest part of my job is dealing with the staff that works for me directly. Whether it’s in my office at Sheldon or Spencer or Grinnell or Humboldt, I have wonderful in-house staff. And they all work to make my job much easier.”
  3. Find what energizes you. In Gail’s case, it’s coffee. More specifically, Blue Jamaican coffee she grinds and brews herself.
  4. Pump up to wind down. Work stress has a way of following you around, even after you’ve pulled out of the company parking lot. Take a cue from Gail and wind down with some weights; calm repetitive exercise has been proven to increase endorphin levels (happy thoughts). Added bonus–strength training increases stamina, improves heart health, and boosts calorie burning potential.
  5. Stick with it. Gail’s favorite office supply? “Sticky notes!” she says. Here are some great tips to help you use sticky notes to increase productivity.
  6. Work smarter, not harder. One of Gail’s first professors, the same one who encouraged her to continue with her HR degree, told her to always make sure to “work smarter, not harder”. And for business clients, that means enlisting the help of an award-winning staffing firm like Aventure to streamline the HR process and efficiently connect the right pieces together.
  7. Join forces in the job hunt. Along those same lines, when it comes to finding the perfect job, Aventure puts the human back in human resources. They have access to jobs and opportunities that are not often advertised on the Internet, in the paper, or on the radio. One application could result in multiple opportunities, which is why it can be crucial to include Aventure when you are making your first or next career move.

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