Top 5 Resume Trends for 2015

Top 5 Resume Trends For 2015

As the economic machine starts to pick up to a robust speed, job seekers are finally seeing more opportunities open up across several markets and fields. Still, the need to stand out is an ever-present one. Does your resume say what it needs to—and is it located on the platforms it should be?

We’ve taken a look at what major voices in the industry say about what 2015 holds for job-hunting and resume trends and broken them down into five takeaways.

  1. Not on LinkedIn? What are you waiting for? While most experts see the more and more value in LinkedIn, several agree it has its limitations when it comes to how it’s being used and who can access it effectively. That being said, as a relatively unchallenged site when it comes to self- and cross-promotion, LinkedIn is really good at what it does.
  2. Get thee an internship. If you are still in school, you are in better shape than many. Employers are more engaged in student recruitment now more than ever. Keep yourself among the top performers of your school and start building relationships with future employers early (working with your careers office is a great way to get this started). As you hunt for internships, always keep your dream job or company on the horizon; the skills you are building should always be in line with your overall career path.
  3. It’s okay to change careers. More and more, it’s okay if don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, even if you are in your 30s or 40s. The important thing is to make your career path as purposeful and as thoughtful as you can. As your jobs change, tailor your resume to reflect the skills and qualities that build on each other toward the job you want, and then reflect on what skills you still need to get there.
  4. Quantity and Quality. The substance of your resume will always matter, and with so many apps, graphs, and tracking mechanisms available in today’s jobs (and job performance reviews), be sure to make note of the notable. Whether you saved your company money, increased customer satisfaction, boosted monthly sales, or amped up production, start paying attention to your own metrics and how they affect the other gears in the machine.
  5. Think like a magazine. Charts and graphs are becoming more and more common in resumes. Why? Because they say more than words can, and they do it better. Some experts are also seeing a trend in call-out boxes, like the ones magazines use to identify poignant quotes and facts, as a way for job seekers to state in a bold way why they should be considered for a position. We have more creative resume ideas here.
  6. Think not what your resume can do for you, but what you can do for your resume. If your CV seems to have holes and gaps, it probably does. Identify where your resume could use additional bolstering. Consider volunteering, picking up a class, or taking a temporary position that would give you the skills and experience you are missing.

As technology continues to speed up and distract our interactions, be mindful of your busy HR audience. Not only should you tailor your resume—each time—for the job you want, you should tailor it to how humans currently process material. Be succinct, be impactful, and be visually stimulating.



Happy job hunting!

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