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Holiday Temporary Jobs Are More Important Than Ever in 2014

Many things can be said about the benefits of temporary holiday jobs (in fact, we said them. See our Seven Perks of Seasonal Employment from our blog post last year). A recent Forbes article stated that some of the largest of the nation’s retailers are amping up their holiday staffing efforts, in some cases doubling the number of temporary employees they hired last year.

Economists are predicting a stronger holiday sales season than in years past, and retailers are preparing to end 2014 with a bang, capturing as many online and in-line purchases as possible. To do this, they are looking for employees who are both people- and tech-savvy in order to capture as many sales as possible, from being able to find merchandise at other stores to ordering products online and having them shipped directly to customers’ homes.

Whether you are a student, a retired teacher, or just want a little extra financial padding around the holidays, if you are thinking about holiday employment, the biggest advice we can give you is start applying. Most stores began their seasonal hiring process months ago, so the sooner you brush off your resume, the better. And it never hurts to practice your interviewing skills even if you don’t get—or don’t want—the job.

Aventure is here to serve you whether your employment needs are seasonal, temporary, or permanent. Call us and we’ll discuss your options.

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