8 Tips to Help You Survive The Job Hunt

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We all know them: the people who seem to land every job they apply for, or the ones that handle rejection with grace and positivity that propels them into the next interview. And we know you’ve wondered: how do they do it? What’s the secret?

Job-hunting can be a daunting task. It often leads to frustration and a loss of self-confidence, but being miserable during your job search is completely avoidable.

Here are 8 traits that can get you through the job-hunting process so you can land the perfect job:


1. Stay Positive

Remind yourself that you have a lot going for you. Your experience is valuable and unique, and you’ve got a lot to offer. Remember the reasons that would make any company lucky to bring you on board.


2. Know What You’re Looking For

Make some goals and write a list of what you’re looking for in your next job. Realize that not every position will be the perfect fit, but you can find silver linings in every position, and every company has something to teach you. When you pinpoint your purpose, talk about it in your interview. Companies will appreciate your focus and ambition, as those qualities often make an employee great.


3. Isolate Your Problems, Then Solve Them

Pinpoint the difficulties first: what’s holding you back from reaching your full potential? Are you having trouble writing a great cover letter? Check out some great tips here. Does your resume need a little help? Have a friend take a look. A fresh pair of eyes can be the golden ticket to overcoming that obstacle.

After you isolate your problems, you can solve them easily. The rock in the stream of your job search is almost always a small one, and once you find it, picking it up and moving it is easy.


4. Be Friendly, Reach Out and Network

Your contacts are your biggest asset. As a society, we’re more connected now than we’ve ever been before, and it’s to your advantage. Chances are that someone in your network is in contact with someone who’s connected to the company you’re applying to in one way or another. It’s impossible to know who might be the one to put in a good word for you with a hiring manager, so talk to everyone. Be friendly and outgoing and let people know you’re looking. You’ll likely be surprised by how many people are willing to help you out.


5. Keep Your Head Up

Job-hunting is a process, not an event; a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t get discouraged by little hangups along the way. These little hiccups can make you lose confidence, but keep in mind that they’re small blips on the radar. Keep your head up and keep moving forward, because a job is waiting for you at the finish line. You just have to get there first.


6. Read Up

Companies are kind of like people in that every one has a story. Do some research and find out what you can about the CEO, the mission, the team, the culture and the philosophy. Hiring managers are people and they’ll want to know that you’re interested and invested in the company and its people. And, if you see something interesting in your research, bring it up. Let the your interviewer know that you liked the mission statement or that the company philosophy is exciting to you. It’ll go a long way in the eyes of the recruiting team.


7. Be Yourself

Don’t make the mistake of pretending you’re someone you’re not in your interview. You don’t want to land the job under false pretenses. Your personality is one of your greatest qualifications, so don’t change it or undersell it. Be confident in your voice, your talent and your experience. Your interviewer will feel the positivity and confidence coming from you and will know when you’re being sincere. That sincerity is both rare and captivating, so don’t forget to use it!


8. Learn From Each Rejection

Even with a stunning cover letter, a perfect resume and a great interview, sometimes things just aren’t going to pan out. And that’s okay. Accept that not every job is going to be the right one for you. If you have a chance to ask the hiring manager what you could’ve done different, do it. Use the opportunity to learn so that you can come back stronger for the next job you apply for.


The job search is never easy, but do your best to keep in mind that at the end of the tunnel is a job that’s going to teach you something new and propel you forward in your career. So keep your chin up, network, do your search, problem solve, make some goals, learn from mistakes, and above all, be yourself. Good luck!

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