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Five Reasons Your Company Should Use a Staffing Firm For Your Next Hire

When it comes to running a business, efficiency and productivity are important. To keep your company humming, you need good people filling its necessary positions, whether those positions are permanent or temporary, executive or skilled. While some businesses insist on handling the process completely in-house, there are several reasons why using a staffing firm can make your company more successful in the long run.


  1. Because you need a strong employee yesterday. When your business is down an administrative assistant, sales consultant, or an executive, each day that position goes unfilled is a day in lost productivity and hours of increased stress on current employees. Having an ongoing relationship with a staffing firm allows you quick access to potential candidates that have been pre-screened with the proper job requirements.
  2. Because being flexible helps more than just yogis. Every company experiences moments of flex in their business cycles, and this means there may be days, weeks, or months out of the year when having additional hands could increase production, sales, and general efficiency. A relationship with a trusted staffing firm provides access to qualified temporary employees who can help bridge the gap.
  3. Because you need people with specific skills. Staffing firms provide a number of services, including pre-screening candidates for your company based on the skills and training you require.
  4. Because finding and securing impressive talent is exhausting. Staffing firms have a database of highly trained and experienced potential employees seeking full-time, part-time, or temporary work. These candidates have gone through rigorous testing, background checks, and one-on-one interviews. With so much of the tiresome legwork out of the way, your company can reap the benefit of selecting from a handful of highly qualified job seekers, rather than sorting resumes into piles.
  5. Because every business needs a best friend. The more you develop your relationship with your staffing firm, the better they know your company culture, what type of candidate can thrive in it, and how to give you the talent you need to meet both short- and long-term goals.


In the United States, staffing firms employ an average of 2 million workers across all industries, giving the companies they support access to flexible, reliable, and experienced talent. To see how Aventure can improve your chances in recruiting your next perfect fit, call us today.

8 thoughts on “Five Reasons Your Company Should Use a Staffing Firm For Your Next Hire

  1. My husband is currently in charge of hiring a new team to do some very special projects at his company. I am not sure whether or not he has thought of using a staffing agency yet, but I am sure that he would find these five reasons very interesting. The reason that I think would be the most attractive to him, though, is the one about agencies pre-screening candidates for the skills that they have. What steps do staffing agencies take in order to know whether or not candidates actually have those skills and that they aren’t just written on the resume?

    1. Hi Faylinn – Great question! Staffing agencies typically screen and interview all candidates before suggesting them to a company.

  2. As I look into employment staffing it looks like there are a lot of benefits to hiring this type of service. From what I’ve read here a business can benefit from the flexibility and options that are offered by employment staffing. Thanks for the helpful staffing advice!

  3. My fiance is in charge of finding an employment agency for his work. This is a great idea since like it was mentioned they will help you find specific skills in people. Devoting time back to work instead of searching for someone will help them a lot.

  4. That’s a good point that using an executive or manager for hiring reduces your workforce. You could be efficient and use a staffing agency. Staffing agencies can even have skill specialties in their workforce.

  5. My father is considering hiring a staffing firm. I think what you mentioned is correct, a staffing firm is beneficial in terms of pre-screening the candidates based on their skills company’s training requirement. Maybe this will be the key to my dad’s company to detect the right employees.

  6. A staffing agency basically performs the recruitment as well as the selection processes for the calling that don’t have the time and resources required to manage the employment endeavors. Recruitment is an easy task. Only an expert can do the errands of recruitment properly. And the fact is- certified staffing agencies usually have a higher level of expertise. When you are appointing a staffing agency, make sure the agency is capable to do the job. And to get surety on the expertness and trustworthiness, you need to run a simple background check on the staffing agency.

  7. It made sense when you said that staffing firms will pre-screen candidates to make sure they have the specific skills needed for the job. In my opinion, this would be especially beneficial for industries with constantly-evolving technological standards, such as cybersecurity. Your article discussed some interesting benefits of headhunting services that I hadn’t considered before, so thanks for sharing!

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