Got Skills? Why Trade Workers Are Hot Commodities

Trade workers, like welders, CNC machinists, mechanics, and equipment operators, may not have the “glamour” associated with office work or wardrobe, but they do have something their white collar cohorts often don’t, especially in a recession: job security.

This is especially true in the Siouxland area, where manufacturing and production power a huge part of the local economy. With such a high demand, skilled workers are often paid well for their talents, and get to enjoy additional perks like offset hours, excellent health benefits, and living in close-knit local communities with short commutes. Trade workers can also get advanced on-the-job training, and get a unique look at how products are manufactured.

Here are a few of the area’s hottest trades jobs available in the Sioux City area.

• Welders
• CNC machinists
• Diesel Mechanics
• CDL-A Drivers
• Equipment Operators

Of course, it’s not all short-weeks and free dental. The work can be physical, the projects monotonous. But the best skilled workers use this to their advantage and enjoy the physical activity and the chance to hone their skills with plenty of practice.

If you have the above skills and experience, we at Aventure Staffing want to hear from you! Call our office to hear about the current openings.


One thought on “Got Skills? Why Trade Workers Are Hot Commodities

  1. I agree with what you are saying. It is very iaroptmnt for employers to motivate their employees by showing them appreciation of their work. The human being needs the kind of feedback of knowing that they are doing a good job and that someone notices their hard work. Motivation makes people want to come to work everyday, give their best performance to the job and look forward to positive feedbacks and rewards that keeps them happy and part of the company longer. Especially when a leader tells you, you are doing a great job keep up the good work it makes your day so much better even if its just for that moment. I know this from experience because when my manager gave me Guest Fanatic Cards and when she told me that I did a great job in controlling the crowded line I felt worth; like a great contribution to my location.

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