Three Easy Ways to Find Joy in Your Job

At some time or another, we all wish we could say, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this!” when talking about our jobs. While it can be difficult for some people to find deep satisfaction in filing paperwork, or assembling a laptop, or scanning paperwork for errors, there is room for joy in any job. Here are a few ways to help you find it.

  • Fight the temptation to slack in a job you’d rather not be doing. When you strive to do your best and take ownership of your tasks, you may come to enjoy it more.


  • See the larger picture. Whether it’s the ability to put food on the table at home or seeing how your individual contribution at a company impacts your work community, it’s important to step back and recognize the significance of your role. Don’t think your job is significant? Think about what would happen if you weren’t there doing it.


  • Let the good outweigh the bad. There are aspects to every job that are less than amazing; don’t let those rule your perception of the job. Make a list of what you do enjoy and see if you can sandwich those tasks around the parts of the job that aren’t as pleasant.


  • See if there is something that may make a difficult or monotonous task easier. It can be something as large as improving a filing system or making sure you have a stapler that consistently works. Don’t underestimate the small things; they have a way of making or breaking a positive attitude.


  • Remember that while your job may define what you do or where you go for the majority of your waking hours, it doesn’t define who you are as a person. In other words, it isn’t what you do, but how and why you do it that serve as a greater expression of who you are.


Satisfaction. Joy. Purpose. If you find yourself wishing for these things with your current job, take the time to try these suggestions. Your source of joy may be closer than you think.


What was the most difficult job you ever had?

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