Thirty Years In The Business And We Haven’t Aged A Bit

It almost goes without saying how much the world—and our industry—has changed in three decades. While it is a little discouraging that most of the 1983 references we could make in this post would go completely over the heads of our newest hires, we have the privilege of all those years of experience, history, and understanding to make our business truly integrated into our local and national communities.

We remember a time before LinkedIn and Facebook, before high profile websites and emailed resumes, before smart phones and intuitive algorithms. While some things we are happy to forget (shoulder pads, huge phones, and even bigger hair, to name a few), there are some things we are proud to say haven’t changed. We still rely on face-to-face meetings and follow-up phone calls. We happily—and literally—“go the extra mile” for our clients by driving to a job site to better understand their needs. We are the proof that there is plenty of room for “old school” in this new, modern world.

Our numerous locations, dedicated employees, and countless successful partnerships are a testament to the adage, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. Companies will always need strong talent, unfailing support, and personalized attention. After 30 years in the business, Aventure Staffing continues to be a great company to work with and a great company to work for. Thank you for being a part of our legacy. Here’s to embracing the opportunities to come.

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