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Milestone Moments: Honoring 25 Years of Employee Dedication

Aventure Staffing Employee 25th Anniversary Cyd Fleckenstein

Aventure Staffing is proud to celebrate a remarkable milestone — 25 years of unwavering dedication from our Chief Risk Officer, Cyd. Cyd started with our company in 1998 when our company was known as Rudy Salem Employment Agency. With the average employee tenure being just over 4 years, to celebrate 25 years of employment is a testament to Cyd’s commitment, resilience and instrumental role in shaping the long-term success of Aventure Staffing.

The Key to Longevity

In the staffing industry, the average turnover rate is 25%, nearly 10% higher than other companies. Needless to say, Cyd’s 25-year commitment stands out. When asked about the reasons behind her remarkable tenure, Cyd pointed to the ownership group and people at Aventure as significant factors. She emphasized the trust and freedom she enjoys, allowing her to make independent decisions for the betterment of the company.

“Cyd has been vital in the success of Aventure,” stated company President, Stacia Lenz. “She works tirelessly to protect the Company, our clients and our candidates. She minimizes risk every day and her efforts result in a safe and operable environment.”

Navigating Challenges

Every career has it’s challenges. During Cyd’s tenure, she faced and overcame many obstacles that contributed to her growth. “During the “Great Recession” we had to find creative ways to keep everything operating,” Cyd reflects, “Then the pandemic forced me into quick thinking. Evaluating and weighing out countless situations with only minutes to make sound decisions for the safety and wellbeing of all of the employees was a challenge.”

As Chief Risk Officer, Cyd’s entire role is to help others. Frequently, she is the initial point of contact for most staff members and the go-to problem solver when issues arise. Leveraging her extensive 25 years of HR experience, she consistently brings valuable expertise to the workplace, playing a crucial role in educating our staff on various employment-related matters.

Coworker’s Perspective: Cyd’s Impact on Aventure’s Success

In response to questions about Cyd’s impact, the president of Aventure highlighted Cyd’s indispensable role in minimizing risk and creating a safe operational environment: “Cyd is second to none,” Stacia stated. “Her longevity and loyalty have been felt each and every year. She assists with so many facets of our company and makes an impact each and everyday. She truly cares about Aventure Staffing and all people associated with it.” Cyd’s embodiment of Aventure’s core values, with a focus on helping others, educating staff, and bringing 25 years of HR experience to the table, has contributed significantly to Aventure Staffing’s 40 years of success.

Kelsey Plueger, a colleague who has worked with Cyd for 6 1/2 years, expressed admiration for Cyd’s leadership style: “Cyd fosters an environment of collaboration. Her foresight and knowledge in our field of work are admirable. Each day I observe how she navigates difficult issues with integrity and poise and I apply what I learn to my own business interactions. Her guidance has greatly impacted my professional development and has inspired me to strive to continually improve!”


As Aventure Staffing celebrates Cyd’s 25 years of service, it is evident that her longevity, loyalty, and impactful contributions have been instrumental in shaping our company’s success. Cyd’s commitment to minimizing risk, helping others, and fostering a safe and collaborative work environment has set a standard for excellence. Aventure looks forward to many more years of shared success and continued growth, guided by the dedication and leadership exemplified by Cyd over the past quarter-century.

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