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7 Tips for Working With a Recruiter

Maybe you are thinking about using a recruiter for your job search? Or, maybe a recruiter reached out and asked to work with you? Either way, these tips will allow you to make the most of the relationship.

Define Your Objectives

The first step is to know what you want. Simply saying, “I want to find a job,” is far too broad. Be as specific as possible. Are you looking for a full-time position, or do you want to experiment with temporary placements first? What industries interest you? What size company would you prefer? What are your salary requirements? Do you have a dream job in mind? If you’re not sure where you want to end up, it will be hard to get there with or without a recruiter.

Find the Right Recruiter

Once you have clarified your objectives, you need to find the correct person to assist with your search. Recruiters have different areas of expertise, so look for someone who specializes in your field. Also, you should get along with your recruiter, and they should be responsive and trustworthy. Set up a few introductory meetings, and if you have any doubts move on.

Clearly Communicate Your Goals

For your recruiter to help you, they must understand your goals. Have a conversation early in the process. Or, better yet, write down all your objectives. A checklist can encourage everyone to be more focused.

Keep an Open Mind

Your recruiter may suggest something that never occurred to you, such as a placement in a different industry or an additional training program. Even if you are positive you know exactly what you want, at least consider their recommendations. Recruiters may see something you might have missed. This is one of the key benefits to working with them.

Be Honest and Forthcoming

In a job interview, you would probably try to brush over an employment gap, a job hop or a termination. Don’t use do this with a recruiter. Be completely open about your job history. Unlike a hiring manager, a recruiter isn’t looking for reasons not to hire you. Instead, they are going to provide you with tips and tricks to overcome tricky situations.

Request Feedback

Recruiters are hiring experts. They are a fantastic resource, so take advantage of the opportunity. If you aren’t getting as many interviews as you would like, have them critique your resume and/or cover letter. If an interview didn’t go as planned, ask what you should do differently next time.

Follow Through

Finally, keep in mind, your recruiter can help you find, but not hand you, a job. To be successful, you need to show up, complete tasks and listen to their advice. The relationship is a two-way street; both of you must invest fully in the process.

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