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5 Things You Should NEVER Say in a Job Interview

If you’re actively searching for jobs, there’s a chance you have some job interviews lined up in the future. An interview is the most crucial step in the hiring process. Your answers will help the interviewer understand your thought process, industry knowledge and whether you are a strong candidate and a good fit for their company and culture. One of the best things you can do to prepare for your interview is to think carefully about the things you want to say…and maybe a few things you should NEVER say in an interview.

“My boss was terrible.”

When asked questions like, “Why are you seeking a new job?” or “Why didn’t you like about your previous position?” you should never answer anything negative about your previous employer, role, or management. In doing so, the potential employer would assume that you will say bad things about their company in the future. Instead, remain professional and positive regardless of the situation. Stay focused on the positive things about this new position that your previous employer wasn’t able to offer.

Instead Try: “While I have enjoyed my time in my current position, I am really looking to apply the skills and experience I have gained in my role over the last five years to a supervisory position where I can help others grow in their success. Unfortunately, my current employer does not have any supervisory positions available and doesn’t expect any to become available soon.”


“I don’t know.”

It’s likely that you will be asked a questions in your interview that you may not have previously considered. This is a great way for your potential employer to understand your thought process and critical thinking skills. By saying, “I don’t know,” the interviewer translates this to, “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

Instead Try: “That’s a great question. If you don’t mind, I would like to take a minute to think about it.”


“Well, It’s on my resume.”

Yes, the answer is probably on your resume, but the interviewer already knows that. What they want is to hear an in depth review of your work history and experience. Try to answer these questions by using specific examples that prove your experience or skills or explaining how your qualifications are relevant to the position.

Instead Try: “I have a bachelor’s degree in legal studies from the University of Tampa. All of my major courses required extensive legal research and brief writing to be successful in the class. I proudly maintained high honors in all of my courses. The extensive research and writing work I did in these courses prepared me for a career in content marketing by teaching me the appropriate research methods to use to find credible sources and how to write quality pieces. The knowledge learned from my major also prepared me for a specialty industry that has strict marketing standards.”


“No, I don’t have any questions.”

Most interviewers will ask you at the end of an interview if you have any questions and your answer really should never be, “no.” An important part in preparing for an interview is to think about meaningful questions to ask the employer to show you’re truly interested in the company or position.

Instead Try: “I know from the company’s mission statement that you want to be the leader in motor vehicle sales. I am curious how do you define being a leader and the ways you aim to achieve this mission.”


“What does your company do?”

While you should be prepared to ask questions, this is a question you should never ask. Questions related to the company and position should always be heavily researched before you interview. In doing so, you will have a clear understanding of the company’s mission and vision statement and will allow you to ask more detailed questions about the company.

Instead Try: “I did a lot of research about your company, and I was particularly interested in how the company allows employees to use a certain amount of time during their workday to volunteer and give back to the community. I also love using my skills and experience to give back to the community and was wondering what specific volunteer organizations and opportunities the company has supported in the past.”

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