6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Temporary Nurses

Is your hospital or medical facility shorthanded? Could you use help now, but not necessary three months from now? Temporary nurses may be the solution to your problem.

Easily Cover Busy Seasons and Absences

Perhaps your organization is unexpectedly short two or more nurses, and you can’t hire fast enough. Or, maybe your business booms when older residents return from wintering in warmer climates, but you only need extra staff to cover the summer months. In either case, temporary nurses can quickly and seamlessly provide the assistance you need when you need it.

Keep Your Permanent Staff Happy and Healthy

Staffing shortages put undue stress on your regular employees. They may be unable to keep up with their workload when they are on duty. And, they may face longer shifts and more overtime. Even in the short term, these conditions can lead to exhaustion, anxiety, job dissatisfaction, burnout and turnover. Show you respect and appreciate your permanent nurses by giving them adequate resources to get the job done.

Maintain Quality Patient Care

If your facility is shorthanded and your staff is unhappy and overtired, patients will suffer. Overextended nurses may rush through their duties, take shortcuts and make mistakes. This situation can not only damage your business’s reputation, but also, in a worst-case scenario, result in a tragedy or malpractice suit.

Benefit From Flexible Solutions

Hiring is a lengthy process. You need to post the job, sort resumes, interview, screen and onboard. Temporary nurses, on the other hand, can be on the job within hours. A staffing firm will take care of all the pre-employment requirements. You know you are working with qualified professionals who have been properly vetted. Plus, when you no longer need the temporary help, the employment agency will send the nurses on to other assignments. Your organization doesn’t need to worry about termination procedures or unemployment insurance.

Cut Costs

Temporary nurses allow your business to reduce overtime, hiring and termination costs. In addition, by ensuring proper coverage, you keep your workforce engaged and your patients satisfied. Both of which contribute to your bottom line. And, having temps as an option prevents your organization from making snap (and potentially unwise) hiring decisions. You can rely on temporary solutions while you thoughtfully formulate long-term, cost effective staffing plans.

Find Your Next Top Nurse

Hiring often isn’t straightforward. Someone with an impressive resume and a near perfect interview performance might turn out to be a subpar employee. However, with temps, you can observe them in action and on the job. If you discover a talented nurse who fits seamlessly with your culture, you may choose to make a job offer. This is a smart, and lower risk, way to supplement your overall recruiting strategy.

Are You Interested in Exploring Temporary Nursing Options?

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