Why You Should Always Be Giving Employees Feedback

When an employee doesn’t receive feedback from their supervisor or employer, they can lose direction over time. Offering effective feedback is important to both employers and employees, and without it, employees will have no incentive to better themselves. However, there is a right and wrong way to offer feedback, and as an employer, you need to offer feedback in a constructive and professional manner. If you currently do not offer much feedback to your employees, here are some reasons to change your approach.

Encourage Employees to Try New Approaches

When an employee regularly receives feedback, they will be more open to new ideas and ways of doing things. If you never give your workers constructive feedback, they will probably continue doing things the same way, even if the outcome isn’t exactly what your company needs. When giving feedback, frame it in a positive way so your employees don’t feel the need to defend their current approach. This way, they can see the benefits of doing things differently.

Increase Productivity

In the workplace, you should always be focused on increasing productivity. Your employees should focus on this too, but over time, employees can become unproductive. When you provide them with feedback they can use in real life, their productivity levels will increase. Without any feedback or constructive criticism, they will remain at the same level and most will not set any new goals. When feedback is used properly, it can increase workplace productivity and in turn increase company revenue.

Clarify Expectations

Do your employees know what is expected of them? You may be tempted to answer “yes” right off the bat, but do they really? If you haven’t been giving your employees regular feedback, they may eventually lose sight of what is important. By giving feedback, you can prevent any potential confusion regarding company values, expectations and goals.

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