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Turn “Lazy” Employees Into Productive Employees

Your business can’t be successful unless its employees are productive. You spend a lot of time and effort to make sure you are hiring productive employees. But what do you do when one of your team members starts to show signs of laziness? Well, good leadership has a lot to do with understanding human psychology.… Read More »

Increase Your Productivity By Not Working: True Story

why time off from work is important

With the holidays brewing, some employees are taking a day off to handle the errands, shopping, and to do lists that accompany this time of year. Yet even more hesitate to do so as they worry that taking the day off will put them further behind. It turns out, they couldn’t be more wrong. Study… Read More »

How to Use the Holidays to Boost Your Productivity

How To Use Holidays To Boost Productivity

Thanksgiving is over, and now begins the lunacy of the end of the year. Everyone is swamped with social events, shopping, party planning, meal planning, and calendar juggling—and they still have to work a full-time job on top of this. It’s no wonder this time of year makes everyone a little crazy. We at Aventure… Read More »

Five Ways To Work Out While You Work It.

Five Ways To Workout While You Work It

Winter is coming, and that means a tough wake-up call for even the most enthusiastic outdoor exercisers. Get your burn on while you work and torch calories right from your desk—and get paid for it! Here are five great low-profile exercises you can do throughout your workday. On hold? Then hold! When a phone call… Read More »

All About the Benjamins

Benjamin Franklin Quotes

Benjamin Franklin serves as the multitasker that multitaskers bow to. As an author, a political theorist, a postmaster, scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, and printer, Benjamin Franklin knew a thing or two about trying, failing, living, and working within society. Today we celebrate his wisdom with some of our favorite quotes. We hope they inspire you… Read More »

10 Tips To Increase Productivity (Starting Now)

We’ve all tried to coax more hours out of the day. Here are 10 tips to help you make the most of the 24 that are actually there. Don’t underestimate the power of a break. Just like interval training can have a powerful impact on speed training and calorie burn, taking a breather from your… Read More »

Top Five New Year’s Resolutions: Professional Edition

We all know that January 1st signifies the turning over of a new calendar page and a new leaf in our personal lives. It also serves as an excellent time to review our work objectives and our professional goals. Learn something new. Is there a tool or a skill that would accelerate your advancement or… Read More »