“Do You Have Any Questions for Us?” You Should!

During an interview, you will have an opportunity to ask the interviewer any questions you may have about the job. Many jobseekers are intimidated by this part of the interview, but in reality, most companies want candidates to ask questions. If you are currently looking for a job, try asking the following questions during your… Read More »

Have a Job Interview Coming Up? Do Your Research!

“What do you know about our company?” This often-dreaded question is fairly standard in modern job interviews. Having a good answer to this question can make you a front-runner. This is a good reason to research a company prior to your interview. But there are other ways you can use this research to your advantage… Read More »

Soft Skills You MUST Have!

Everyone knows hard skills, sometimes called technical skills, are a must-have when applying for a new job. If you don’t meet the technical skill requirement, you probably won’t even bother applying. But many job hunters don’t apply the same standard to soft skills. Soft skills are described in a few different ways. Some say the… Read More »

Considering Relocation For a Job? Ask These Questions First!

It’s an attractive job offer…but it would require you to relocate. What do you do? This is a difficult decision for most people because there are so many things to consider. Before you pick up and move your whole life, there are questions you should think about. Questions About the New City Depending on how… Read More »

Do You Have a Gap in Your Work History?

There’s just no getting around it – if you have employment gaps, they will come up during the interview process. In the mind of a hiring manager, they are a red flag that could mean you won’t keep the job long if hired. It’s your responsibility to show them your employment gaps aren’t a negative… Read More »

Is a Welding Career Right For Me?

Benefits of a Welding Career

Do you enjoy working with your hands? Do you have a mind made for math and technology? Do you want a lifelong career that doesn’t require a four-year degree? If you answered “yes” to these questions, a career in welding might be just what you’re looking for. Welding is the skill of joining two pieces… Read More »

Why Temp Work Is Worth It

Why Temp Work is Work is Worth It

Have you ever thought about taking a temporary position? At Aventure, we can help you find contract jobs, trial hire, and permanent placement. But temporary work is a type of employment some of our job seekers have never considered. Working as a temporary employee isn’t for everyone, but there are good reasons to consider if… Read More »

Winning the Phone Interview

Winning the Phone Interview

It’s unfortunate, but many talented and well-qualified job hunters never make it to an in-person interview. Why? Because they make the mistake of being unprepared for a phone interview. More and more often these days, phone interviews are the intermediary step between applying for a job and meeting face to face. If you want a… Read More »

How Your Greatest Weakness Could Cost You Your Dream Job

If you’ve read anything about the most common interview questions, you are very familiar with the “What is your greatest weakness?” question. We talked to several Aventure Branch Managers and Recruiters about the “Greatest Weakness” question, and they let us know exactly how they feel about it, from why it should stay in the interviewing… Read More »

Five Job Hunting Tactics That Are Holding You Back

job hunting advice

We haven’t met a candidate who hasn’t been frustrated by the job hunting process. From trying to write the perfect resume to nailing the interview to tiptoeing around a colorful work history, looking for a job is a long and tedious process. If you’ve exhausted all your efforts and still can’t find employment, perhaps it’s… Read More »