Employers Testimonials

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…shortly after working with Aventure, I realized that they have our best intentions at heart and their staff is very accommodating. They take the time to find out what you and your company is all about and then molds itself to fit your needs. Aventure is nearly everywhere we are. If not, they have still been.

Kyle P. | State Steel Supply Company

[Aventure] works the hardest to fill my needs. [I appreciate] the honest, genuine…and integrity of [Aventure’s] workforce. Tell Aventure what you need, and they do their best to find that person for the job.

Aventure Industrial Business Partner

Aventure Staffing provides professional, friendly service. They take the time to really understand your staffing needs. They are timely and have excellent communication and follow through. They take time to build a relationship with you and that allows them to serve your company even better.

Aventure Industrial Business Partner

[Aventure] has been beneficial in getting the necessary staff to complete the tasks at hand. When they have been unable to they have a problem solving meeting with us to get the solutions.

Aventure Industrial Business Partner

We have counted on them [Aventure] to fill our clerical, industrial and professional staffing needs. Our experience has been that Aventure provides excellent customer service and they certainly earn a favorable recommendation from us.

Aventure Industrial Business Partner

I had a great experience with Aventure and will use them in the future as needed.

Brook G. | Aventure Industrial Business Partner