Employers Testimonials

Employees you need, a partner you can trust.

Finding good staff is hard! Having Aventure filter through all the resumes & find the ones that best fit us has saved us so much time & made the hiring process easier! The thing I like most about working with Aventure is their staff is so easy to get along with & really understand what kind of person we are looking for.

I would highly recommend Aventure to anyone looking to hire good employees! It is a great experience for both the employer & employee.

Aventure Office & Professional Business Partner

We were unsuccessful 2 times using a staff firm, therefore I was very cautious. [However,] we hired a friendly, bilingual [employee] who is working out well in our office. She is a friendly face at the front desk and a nice voice on the telephone.

Dr. David M. Kincaid | Drs. Kincaid, Fett, Thorp and Kincaid Optometrists

Aventure Staffing provides great service through the whole process from finding quality candidates to developing current temps into dependable full-time employees.

Dustin V. | Aventure Industrial Business Partner

After spending several hours going over resumes with 95% of them not qualified. I called Paula and asked her to take over the task. It proved to be the right decision. Within days she had prescreened applicants and set up interviews for me. I was able to hire an administrative assistant and she is working out well.

Dave | Aventure Industrial Business Partner

Aventure Staffing has always been professional, timely and easy to work with.

Carol T. | Victor Manufacturing

Staff is efficient, helpful, and understands our needs.

Aventure Industrial Business Partner