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Aventure has provided me with some very high quality individuals. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. …by using Aventure I was able to keep my welders welding. This obviously improved our efficacy and helped keep lead times to our customers down.

J.G. | Vande Berg Scales

The service is great and the people are friendly. We are fully staffed so they’re keeping up with our growing business. We have been provided highly qualified individuals and most of them roll over as our employee[s]

Mandy | Williams Form Engineering

I really appreciate the ease of communication via email regarding applicants. [I appreciate Aventure’s] quick response and options of available employees.

Aventure Industrial Business Partner

Staffing agencies are another avenue to find employees for job openings when the applicants are not coming in our door. Aventure seems to find qualified applicants to fill positions. Aventure does the first layer of applicant screening so we only see those qualified for our job openings. We have received several permanent employees by working temp to hire.

Lisa M. | Veridian Fire Protective Gear

[Before working with Aventure], I believed that the cost of a temp employee would be so high that we would almost be better off hiring a FTE …the cost is quite appropriate and has allowed us to actually benefit from this service. The staff has been easy to work with and the CNA that was sent to work for us has been AMAZING!

Healthcare Clinic | Aventure Staffing Business Partner