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Aventure Staffing’s temp-to-hire concept offered my organization a partnership when considering candidates and the onboarding process was a breeze. They were flexible and customized their services to fit my needs

Margaret D. | Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce

Using Aventure Staffing takes some of the fears and question marks away from hiring. You know the candidates have already been pre-screened. You get to “test” the candidate out and if they work out, great. If they don’t, Aventure is there for support. Another benefit to using Aventure is the time it saves. You can continue with your busy routine while they search and screen candidates for you. They usually get candidates to you within a day or two.

Aventure Office & Professional Business Partner

In my case, being a small business, my experience with Aventure was great. I don’t have enough work for a full time secretary & [hiring a temp employee] works well to cover my needs. Aventure will fill your labor needs in a timely matter and keep your business rolling.

Aventure Office & Professional Business Partner

[We have] a person employed at this time from Aventure. This person came with the qualifications requested and this person is able to learn more than originally asked for.

Gary K. | Aventure Office & Professional Business Partner

We have counted on them [Aventure] to fill our clerical, industrial and professional staffing needs. Our experience has been that Aventure provides excellent customer service and they certainly earn a favorable recommendation from us.

Aventure Office & Professional Business Partner

I have had the opportunity to have 3 temporary assignments from Aventure Staffing. Each time the candidates were easily trained and filled in the job duties extremely well. All 3 were personable and fit in the group nicely.

Sherri H. | Tyson Fresh Meats

Finding good staff is hard! Having Aventure filter through all the resumes & find the ones that best fit us has saved us so much time & made the hiring process easier! The thing I like most about working with Aventure is their staff is so easy to get along with & really understand what kind of person we are looking for.

I would highly recommend Aventure to anyone looking to hire good employees! It is a great experience for both the employer & employee.

Aventure Office & Professional Business Partner

We were unsuccessful 2 times using a staff firm, therefore I was very cautious. [However,] we hired a friendly, bilingual [employee] who is working out well in our office. She is a friendly face at the front desk and a nice voice on the telephone.

Dr. David M. Kincaid | Drs. Kincaid, Fett, Thorp and Kincaid Optometrists

Aventure Staffing provides great service through the whole process from finding quality candidates to developing current temps into dependable full-time employees.

Dustin V. | Aventure Industrial Business Partner

After spending several hours going over resumes with 95% of them not qualified. I called Paula and asked her to take over the task. It proved to be the right decision. Within days she had prescreened applicants and set up interviews for me. I was able to hire an administrative assistant and she is working out well.

Dave | Aventure Industrial Business Partner