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How to Permanently Strengthen Your Resume as a Temporary Employee

How to Permanently Strengthen Your Resume as a Temporary Employee - See more at
Think temp jobs are a dead end? Think again. Temporary and contract assignments not only are a great way to increase your knowledge base—and your bank account—they also give your resume added depth and muscle for when the next perfect opportunity comes around.

  • Know your end game. If you know what kind of job you want, or the industry you’d like to work in, say so. An overwhelming number of contract and temporary employees (72%!) said that Aventure had a knack for giving them just the assignment they needed.
  • Speak up. Speaking of saying so, brushing up on your communication skills is a vital one in the job force, from communicating company initiatives to talking about what you want out of your job experience. Aventure has proven its ability to increase accessibility, with 67% of all staff expressing their satisfaction with its ease of communication.
  • Gain company experience. There is more than one way to get a job, and one of the best ones is to already have one—at the company you want. Getting a job as a temporary or contract employee is one of the best “ins” at a permanent position.
  • Fill in the gaps. Not only do temporary work assignments give your work history some depth, they also go a long way in refining and building your skillset—even in areas you never thought would be useful.
  • Make the most of any situation. Temporary assignments have the added benefit of being…temporary. When a contract job provides too much or too little excitement, you are constantly building resilience, stress management and adaptability skills. And since 80% of all staffing employees were satisfied with Aventure’s overall service, chances are you’ll end up with a position you are happy with.


Aventure is happy to have such a great track record with its employees, and looks forward to implementing feedback and training efforts to keep people happy at what they do. If you are in need of a temporary assignment, take a moment to fill out our online application or talk to an Aventure team member. We are happy to take the next step in your job hunt with you.

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