“Do You Have Any Questions for Us?” You Should!

During an interview, you will have an opportunity to ask the interviewer any questions you may have about the job. Many jobseekers are intimidated by this part of the interview, but in reality, most companies want candidates to ask questions. If you are currently looking for a job, try asking the following questions during your next interview.

Are There Any Other Unmentioned Job Requirements?

Before leaving the interview, always ask about the job itself. Even though you’ve probably already received an in-depth description from the interviewer, now is the time to ask for clarification about the job. Are there any duties you will be responsible for that are not mentioned in the job description? Who will you be reporting to? Does the job offer any advancement opportunities? These are questions that are often not addressed during the interview, and many job seekers forget to ask them.

How Much Will I Earn in This Position?

Let’s face it – no one wants to work for free. If you have any questions about your compensation, always ask during the interview. Even if you haven’t technically been hired yet, no company should have issues discussing salary and benefit options with a potential worker. If an interviewer seems hesitant to discuss your salary or repeatedly attempts to dodge money-related questions, you may want to consider taking a job elsewhere.

How Will My Performance Be Evaluated?

Every company has a different set of expectations in regards to employee performance and conduct. Before starting a job in a new place, it can be helpful to know what will be expected of you in your new role. Ask questions about performance requirements and evaluations so there will be no surprises once you begin your new job. You can also ask how most people perform in the role you will be assuming. The vast majority of employers will openly welcome questions regarding company expectations.

Speak With a Staffing Professional

Here at Aventure Staffing, we understand the interview process can be intimidating, especially when you have to interview with numerous companies. If you are looking for work, we can help match you with a company that will appreciate your unique talents and abilities. Contact us today to speak with a staffing professional.

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