Is Your Team Burnt Out? Here’s How to Tell

Do your employees seem overly tired, bored, negative and disengaged? You may wonder if this is a passing phase or if you have a case of burnout on your hands. How Do I Know If My Employees Are Suffering From Burnout Out? According to author Julie Jansen and the online journal PLOS ONE, there are… Read More »

3 Ways to Turn a Setback at Work Into an Opportunity

We all like the idea of our career path moving upward at a steady (or better yet) rapid rate, but sometimes things don’t work out that way. Sometimes unforeseen obstacles derail our best-laid plans. Maybe you got into trouble at work? Maybe you were passed over for a promotion? Or, maybe you lost your job?… Read More »

5 Ways to Make Sure New Employees Get Along with Their Team

When you add people to your team, you are taking a chance. Will they fit in, remain isolated or cause trouble? Here are five ways you can help new employees join the group and succeed. Extend a Warm Welcome Most of us have heard a story about someone who showed up their first day only… Read More »

The Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency as a Nurse

Are you looking for a nursing job? Have you considered working with a staffing agency? If not, you may be missing out on a fantastic opportunity. What advantages can an employment agency offer? Here are four notable benefits for both entry-level and experienced medical professionals. Try Out Different Roles and Settings A nurse can work… Read More »

How to Effectively Manage Employee Turnover

Most managers cringe when they hear the word turnover. However, turnover doesn’t have to be negative. Sometimes turnover is unavoidable; an employee may retire or relocate. And, sometimes turnover is desirable; an unhappy worker may take another job that better fits their needs. This trick is to manage your company’s turnover. You don’t want to… Read More »

Learn How to Connect with Your Interviewer

Sometimes interview results are surprising. You were the most qualified candidate. You had all the right answers, and yet you didn’t land the job. What went wrong? The result may have come down to personalities. The interviewer simply liked another applicant better. Although this is frustrating, you can use this knowledge to your advantage. Follow… Read More »

Why You Should Hire Entry Level Candidates

Some companies shy away from entry-level candidates because these individuals lack a proven track record. However, for organizations willing to take the risk, less experienced workers can be a great investment. Here are five reasons why novice employees can add to your business’ bottom line. They Are Innovative Although the media often paints millennials in a… Read More »

How to Evaluate Your Job Interview Performance

After an interview you are unlikely to receive any feedback other than “You’re Hired” or “Thank you for your time.” This makes it difficult to determine how well you did. Were you the second or the third choice, or not even in the running? To get better at interviews (and eventually land that job), you… Read More »

How to Increase Productivity Without Experiencing Burnout

Productive employees often receive higher pay, more respect and better opportunities for advancement. However, a line exists between working hard and working too hard. Here are six tips for achieving high performance and avoiding burnout. Define “Productivity” Of course, “productivity” equals “getting more done,” but your definition may vary depending on what you ultimately are… Read More »

Reduce Stress by Opening Communication Lines

Stress undoubtably is a negative force in the workplace. Frazzled employees are unhappy, unhealthy and less productive. And this downward spiral ultimately affects a company’s bottom line. Fortunately, forward-thinking organizations can work to reverse this trend. A great starting point is to open the lines of communication. Here are three ways to promote a company… Read More »