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Why Temp Work Is Worth It

Why Temp Work is Work is Worth It

Have you ever thought about taking a temporary position? At Aventure, we can help you find contract jobs, trial hire, and permanent placement. But temporary work is a type of employment some of our job seekers have never considered. Working as a temporary employee isn’t for everyone, but there are good reasons to consider if it might be right for you.

Variety and Flexibility

It’s in the name – temp work is, by definition, temporary. That means that you will end up working with many different companies and in many different jobs during your time as a temporary worker. And every time you are offered a temp position, you have the opportunity to accept or reject the job. If something doesn’t work with your schedule, no problem! Temp work gives you the flexibility to decide when to work.

If you are someone who enjoys the challenge of a new job, temp work might just be the right path for you. Even if you’ve done similar work in the past, taking on a new temp job is always exciting and challenging – you have to learn the ins and outs of the company’s policies and culture.

Looking for Permanent Work? Try Temping!

You may be on the hunt for a full-time, permanent job. But don’t rule out temp work as a way to reach that goal. According to the American Staffing Association, temporary work is a great stepping stone to permanent employment. In their surveys, 9 out of 10 employees said that temporary work made them more employable. And 35 percent of temp workers were offered a permanent job from a client with whom they had taken a temp assignment.

You can always keep applying for permanent jobs while fulfilling temporary assignments. Some assignments are as short as a few days or weeks, so you don’t have to feel tied down to any particular temp assignment. And what’s more, working as a temp can keep you from having gaps in your resume.

With locations in Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota, Aventure Staffing makes it easy for you to find local work – temporary or permanent. Learn more by taking an in-depth look at our hiring process.

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